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Regulations on the use of symbols

This segment determines the general rules of the use of the symbols of the Union by third parties:
  • Third parties agree to take care of the reputation of the symbolism of the Union.
  • Third parties have the right to use the brand name of the Union on the basis of membership, partnership agreement or sponsorship agreement.
  • It is forbidden to spread false, inaccurate or distorted information that might damage the reputation of the Union.
  • Third parties should not interpret the actions of the Union in their own way.
  • Third parties are not allowed to release, display or use any materials that contain the Union’s trademark or describe the activities of the Union, if these actions are not approved by the board of the Union.
  • Third parties should carry out advertising in the mass media by themselves in a strict accordance with the rules established by the contract and in accordance of the procedure. These rules apply to brochures, booklets, books and other printed materials that third parties intend to publish for advertising purposes.
  • The name and the trademark of the Union is its own property and they distinguish the activities of the Union from other organizations. For that reason they must be protected in order to avoid frauds.
  • When using the name or trademark of the Union in any advertising materials either surveys, printed or audiovisual, it is mandatory to observe the interests of the Union.
  • When using the name and trademark of the Union in the media, both printed and electronic, it is necessary to observe the interests of the Union.
  • In order to preserve a single corporate identity, third parties are required to provide the Union with their samples of forms, envelopes, business cards and other documents containing the name of logo of the Union.
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