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Development of tender documentation

The deadline for the competition is 2 months
Cost of services – nagotiable

When developing a tender documentation – one of the most complicated tasks is the formation of unbiased business objectives of the company that conducts the competition.

In everyday practice, the development of the tender documentation is carried out either by the employees of the customer service department or by the company providing the cleaning services. However, both approaches do not allow to achieve the main formation of tender documentation – it is impartiality and adequacy to the business objectives.

For instance, companies – integrators, providing cleaning services, willingly or unintentionally will give performances to their “own “ business, it will be reflected in the competitive requirements, reducing their impartiality. Also, the integrator company, as a person potentially interested in providing services, will make efforts to obtain preferences in the competition. This can be expressed in the lack of clarity or ambiguity of the competition requirements that will make it more difficult to develop a solution to potential competitors. Employees of the operating department often shift their responsibilities of preparation of competitive requirements for the company integrator or while developing competitive requirements; do not independently consider the business requirements of the company, focusing only on sort0torm tasks.

Attraction to the development of competitive requirements and technical tasks of experts of the Union of cleaning companies will eliminate the “negative impact” on the part of manufacturers and integrator companies.

The systematic approach, applied by the Union of Cleaning Companies will make it possible to compile technical requirements in full compliance with the business requirements of the customer.

As well as an expert of the Union may get involved in the analysis of the responses of potential contractors to tender documentation as an independent expert.  

Development of tender documentation

Example of the developmnet of tender documentation

Company «X» plans to choose a single cleaning service provider for all its branches. Operators of cleaning services can not be recruited for this job, as they themselves are interested in winning this contest. Companies integrators evaluate their services for holding a tender of 500 thousand rubles. The customer can not perform this work on his own, since the company’s employees have no experiance in holding contests.

The company «X» attracts for this work the experts of the Union of Cleaning companies, which:
  • Analyzes the role of the service in the company’s business;
  • Draws technical requirements, based on the business objectives and priorities of the company;
  • Analyze the bids received by the company «X»;
  • Prepares a report on the contest with a description of the pros and cons of each of the cintestants, containing comprehensive information for the decision of the company’s management to choose a service provider.
The project was developed in ASTYPRO