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General information

General information

The union was established in 2012 by a company Proff Line that serves as an official representative of the German chemical company Johannes KIEHL KG on the territory of Russian Federation. The company manufactures professional detergents for housing, cleaning companies, medical institutions, food industry, HoReca, laundry and transport industries.

The industry of cleaning is designed to provide the society with healthy, comfortable and clean living environment. Nowadays the industry has developed research centers, educational institutions, obtained production equipment, professional detergents as well as opened cleaning companies – suppliers of cleaning services.

The task of this industry is to maintain cleanliness in diverse premises.

Official documents of the Union: Certificate

The mission of the union:

To unite the efforts of the members of the cleaning market for its future development. Only by cooperation the industry can draw attention to their services and products. Meanwhile, the union supports free and fair competition and uses all means to maintain the reputation of its members and the industry as a whole.

Goals of the Union
The development of modern regulatory framework and standards
Harmonization of international and national standards in the field of cleanliness
Creation of a site to develop effective solutions to improve the quality of services provided by cleaning companies
To create conditions that attract investments to companies providing cleaning services
Formation of a public culture for industry of cleaning
Tasks, of the Union
Promotion of the importance of cleanliness
Organization of international experience exchange
Development of market competition rules
Legal support for the members
Expansion of the cleaning market
Economic support
Promotion of higher standards of cleanness
Interaction with governmental agencies (i.e. MIA, FMS, FAS, Rospotrebnadzor)
Distribution of proper cleaning information
Support of companies that are joining the Union
Assistance for regional cleaning companies during the business development
The project was developed in ASTYPRO