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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of ethics of Russian Union of Cleaning Companies (RUCC)

Obedience of ethical and cultural norms of entrepreneurship is a necessity to function within the framework of the modern market economy in the Russian Federation.

The Russian Union of Cleaning companies (RUCC) notes that it strives for honesty and conscientiousness in the economic activity for the growing group of entrepreneurs for whom the trailing of ethical standards and generally recognized patterns is integral part of work. Actions aiming to ensure high quality cleaning services, conscientious attitude towards the counterparts, employees and officials constitute a professional approach to managing the company and are counted to be the sources of success. In a high competition market, a company is not able to survive for a long time without a positive assessment of surroundings and compliance of ethical standards. 

The Russian Union of Cleaning companies offers corporations to adopt the code of ethics developed by “RUCC” and provide clients and counterparties with information on the ethical codes followed by it.

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