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Cleaning Consulting

Term - from 5 days
Cost of services - negotiable

The unique direction of the Union’s activity is the provision of consultation services in the field of cleaning.

As a part of this service, leading experts in cleaning industry are ready to train and consult on any aspect of the cleaning company’s activities.

This service is relevant for companies that have their own cleaning service, as well as for thos who are starting up their cleaning companies.

Consultations are held on questions related to commercial activities of a cleaning company, office work, launch of new facilities, quality control, logistics, accounting, financial reporting, proffesional equipment and chemicals. 

Cleaning consulting
The benefits of using consulting services in the sphere of cleaning:
  • Reduction of costs (consultations in the field of procurement of basic equipment and cleaning compounds).
  • Optimization of the cleaning process ( selection of the necessary equipment, inventory, cleaning compounds).
  • Consultation on recuitment.
  • Training of the employees (basic cleaning methods and technologies).
  • Consultations on development of technological maps of work and movemnt of personel, preparation of work schedules.
  • Help when starting the cleaning process from the "zero"
  • Management and supervision of the personnel at the stage of starting the work of the cleaning teams.
  • Training for the execution of special work methods (crystallization of marble, maintance of linoleum and vanyl floors, carpet cleaning etc.)
  • Consultation on other questions related to professional cleaning of premises.

The Russian Union of Cleaning Companies has extencive experiance in organizing the cleaning of all types of premises, adjacent terriotories, in carrying out specialized one – time works and complex explotation of buildings. The consultants will be the leading experts of the industry, who have extensive experianmce in the cleaning industry.

The project was developed in ASTYPRO