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Joining of the Union

Legal entities related to the cleaning industry that wish to become members of the Union can file a statement of the ascertained pattern in order to gain the membership.

The algorithm of the enrollment:
  1. Preparation and delivery of the application to RUCC;
  2. Consideration of the application by the RUCC board (can take up to 30 days);
  3. The payment of entry fee (up to 5 days);
  4. Entering the information about the organization in the database and posting it on the website (up to 10 days);
  5. Issue of the CERTIFICATE for the organization (up to 10 days).
Types of memberships:
  • Valid membership – refers to the cleaning companies.
  • Associated membership – refers to suppliers of goods for cleaning companies.

According to the decision No.03/17 of the board of the Union, it was approved that in 2017 the entrance fee will consist of 50,000 RUB (rubles)

Benefits of joining the Union
1. The protection of the interests of the Union members

The Russian Union of cleaning companies has developed a mechanism to protect the enterprises of the cleaning industry that are facing any governmental institutions. For these purposes, the Union has established a mechanism to resolve these implementations. Each member of the Union has the right to turn to governmental institutions with problems, suggestions, special projects aiming to correct existing regulatory or legal documents and with the help of the Union to reach for solutions to any problems.  

2. The direct communication with colleagues

With the help of the Union, it is possible to establish professional contacts and different partnerships for both colleagues and suppliers of the materials regardless to the specifics and the geographic location of any.  

3. Information and support

As a member of the Union the organization is always provided by the necessary information on various aspects, either it is about the specific cleaning tasks, choice of tools and materials necessary for the job or general and particular issues of property maintenance etc. The organization can present the question and the specialists will find the best solutions and answers.  

4. The opportunities for raising company’s professional level

Trainings, seminars and conferences provided by the Union, based on experience of the best known and most recognizable companies on the market will help to increase the professional level. Members of the Union have the opportunity to participate in various projects implemented by the Union.  

5. Opportunities to share the experience

The members have the opportunity to share their experience in solving problems, participate in conferences trainings and seminars organized by the Union, or hold personal events with the support of the Union.

If the organization is ready to join the Russian Union of cleaning companies it can fill out the necessary application.

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